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Algarve Fam Trip

FAM trip to the Algarve by Angela Gimenez – October 2016

I was invited to enjoy the FAM trip to Algarve by SANA Hotels. I was excited to enjoy the whole itinerary they had planned for us.

I met Vera from Hotel Republic at the airport very early in the morning and I couldn’t imagine a better welcome to this trip. We had a great flight, and in just 2 hours we arrived at Faro Airport where a transfer was arranged by the organisers.

Once we arrived at EPIC Sana Algarve I had the “wow factor” the moment I stepped into the hotel. The reception & lounge areas were incredible, huge open spaces with all the details you would expect from a 5* hotel.

After we had unpacked and settled into our rooms we were welcomed by Sarah Tennant, Cristina Rosa, and Susana Araujo, and we all enjoyed an amazing lunch which was a great moment to introduce ourselves under a cloudless sky and relaxed atmosphere.

In the afternoon we had time to enjoy the amazing pool area, chill out on the sun beds and appreciate the stunning and relaxing surroundings of the hotel.

The activity we had in the evening, was a tour of the hotel facilities and all they can offer to our corporate clients. We used a golf cart to visit all the areas of the resort and saw the different types of rooms the hotel has to offer. There are over 220 bedrooms, 4 swimming pools, children’s area and a fantastic connection between the hotel and the beach.

However, one thing I must give a special mention to is the Congress Centre. It is a 1,848m squared conference centre, with more than 1,000m squared of outdoor spaces. The flexibility of the venues allows you to host different types of events such as: conferences, cocktails, exhibitions, car launches, concerts, fashion shows, gala dinners, weddings, disco parties and private parties. With a ceiling height of 4.2 metres, natural light in all rooms, Wi-Fi coverage and integrated audiovisual equipment, it can work really well for all our clients.

The fantastic thing about these Fam Trips is that you visit the venue, learn about the facilities but at the same time you enjoy the experience. The Sana Hotels team prepared us really exciting activities, like a Jeep Safari discovering the Algarve countryside and the next morning a boat trip. They offered us meals in all the different restaurants the hotel has which was a fantastic idea, because we were able to try all the options, from buffet dinner, casual lunch around the pool to a gourmet tasting menu at the Al-Quimia Restaurant.

The whole weekend was a pleasure, they had every single detail under control and catered for, transfers arranged and the fantastic staff who gave us a great stay. I was pleased to visit EPIC SANA Algarve because I will have the knowledge to offer, suggest and advise my clients with accuracy when I have a Portugal enquiry.

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